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"A lady with heart blends life with life for a fuller picture, harmoniously composed with heart and mind in dedication to Spirit, for all to play their part." (Paul Mullett)
"Her Readings and Healings are most inspiring, often filled with great truths, offering helpful direction for the individual in need; one of the most profound readings one could hope to receive! Also, Briony's advice in the uses of colour and crystals, as well as her laying on of hands has been most effective." (Sara Saunders who worked with her 2001-2004)
"Briony's Guidance has helped me find peace and direction at times of suffering and feeling lost. It has also helped to restore my faith and trust in the process of life at times when life has made no sense. Her words seem to resonate in a way I can't describe - it's like you aren't listening with your ears but that every cell of your body is tuning in. I would like to say that s
he has the unique ability to access the parts of you that other mediums and healers cannot reach." (Susan Brambilla)
"Briony dedicates her life to helping and healing others through her unique channeling gifts, cultivating finesse points of knowing. She will guide and help you to become in touch with your own true essence and deeper significance." (Miriam Vrabez)